Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Romney 2.0...or 2.1...3.0...whatever...

Mitt Romney finally rolled out his supposedly "novel" health plan today and, guess what? Same old, old-old. Leave it to the states. In other words, pass the buck. What's the difference between government? State or federal---it's still the government and explodes, once again, the Right's demonization of anything federal government when---and the distinction must be continually pointed out---it wants to do so.  Romney's plan would leave all the hard work ---covering the uninsured---to the states and, generally approaches health care reform these days (as opposed to his novel approach in Massachusetts) with the usual---let the market do its job.  If a service (since providing or making sure of adequate health care to all its citizens in one of the richest nations on earth is deemed under the Right, a service, not a right or, it seems, a priority) is desirable enough to the public (re: consumer), then said consumer should be willing to pay for it. Of course, following along, insurance companies would be willing to offer it (with sow extra premium, no doubt). In other words, the way it is now.   And lest one think that the three health insurers' announcement---led most recently by United healthcare---that they plan to voluntarily keep some portions of the Obama health care plan even if it is thrown out by the Supremes was some sort of magnanimous gesture to the masses. Thank again. In a coordinated effort (and no, I don't think I am being conspiratorial here), Romney made clear that reforms (if properly put forth as a need by consumers in a free market-friendly manner) might eagerly be taken up by insurers like, coincidentally, "the provision to allow children to stay on their parents health care plan until age 26"---coincidently, the same provisions United healthcare and others are proposing that they will keep even if the Obama plan is thrown out by the Supreme Court.  And who said corporations don't care about society's well being? Hmmmmm... Of course, this is all to be expected. Romney has consistently shown during his tenure as a perpetual candidate to acquiesce, bend, and flex to the will of his right wing masters. If he becomes president, it follows to reason that one can expect more of the same---at least well into his second term, when, a faint hope might emerge that the "real" Mitt Romney might finally might stand up (or not!).  Also, playing to expectation is the general response to Romney's new plan by the Right---can you hear it?  Silence...or near silence (see Ryan's tepid response below).  No deafening roar of hypocritical protest from said corner. No over the top accusation of socialism. J'accuse!!!  No demand that it be immediately revoked by the highest rigged court in the land (you know who you are).  No melodramatic posturing and screeching that it is the end of the American way of doing things---of the capitalist system even!  No assignation of negative label like "Obamacare." No...nothing.  Harbinger of things to come.

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